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Starter Pack - Dream & Focus

Regular price₱998 Sale price₱1,500

Starter Pack - Dream & Focus

Regular price₱998 Sale price₱1,500

Each Bundle contains two diffusers. One for the day...

Focus by HealthHack is a new groundbreaking patent-pending blend that helps you achieve the mental state that supports your body’s natural ability to focus and reach Flow State through Roselle, Jasmine, and Cinnamon.

Recommendation: Take when needed but not more than 10 inhales in an hour. Anything beyond 10 is less effective. Exhale through the nose. 

One for the night...

Getting a deep and complete sleep is important for your physical and mental wellness. Dream by Health Hack helps you sleep well with its key ingredients - Melatonin, Lavender, & Chamomile.

Inhale for at least 7 times, turn the lights off, get cozy, then sleep tight.

Recommended: 30 mins before sleeping, exhaling through the nose.


Our organic diffusers work through direct inhalation. Use Dream for calming effect; use Focus allows when in work that needs clarity & concentration. For Boost: Use when desired.

Yes. Any excess melatonin & vitamins will just be excreted by the body naturally.

HealthHack remains consistent with our mission of delivering healthy products for everyone.

Our products are all plant-based aromatherapy. We also use vegan ingredients.

Other ingredients only include vegetable glycerin & propylene glycol, which hold the ingredients together allowing inhalation.

It will. But if you are not satisfied, you may message us directly & we will attend to your concerns as soon as possible.

As the first local company in the Philippines to do this, we promise swift customer service & assistance, compared to other alternatives. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Our products are made in an FDA-approved facility.

The first in the Philippines.

The first in the Philippines.

Support local. Support going vegan. Revolutionize the way you work & sleep.

Effortless Inhalation.

Effortless Inhalation.

Up to 300 inhales for Dream & Focus, 500 for Boost, which should last you a month or more.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not happy, we'll take care of it, guaranteed! Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us here at HealthHack.

Affordable standard 7 day delivery nationwide.

Express same-day delivery via motorcycle couriers. (2PM cut-off). Worldwide shipping also available via UPS.

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Pay hassle-free via Cash-on Delivery (COD), GCash, Bank Transfers & Credit Cards via PayPal.

Bulk Orders & International

Worldwide shipping also available. Inquire for wholesale, affiliate partnerships & distributorship.